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Do you enjoy shooting?

If you’re like me – going to the range is an evening well spent. I can get out of the house. But it has gotten more expensive then ever! With the cost of the range fees and the fees for ammo – it has become very expensive. My wife is not happy that my hobby has become a gauge on the pocketbook.

I usually bring my own ammo so I don’t have to pay the upcharges of ammo at the range. But Ammo is getting very expensive. Keeping ammo stocked has become challenging for alot of vendors and customers are paying a premium price for ammo. So going to the range seems a like tempting your  wallet.

Is there a solution to practicing and keeping your hard-earned money – sure there is! We have the answer and you will love it more than I will.
Trust me when I tell you this really works. I still love going to the range – but I don’t have to go as often and my wife is happy since I’m not spending a ton of money for range fees.

Check this out. For a fraction of the range fee you can practice your drills. It’s not some lame zoom video – we know. This is an in-depth instruction and Live Drills To Improve Any Level Shooter’s Skills.

Your Instructor: Mike Seeklander, Professional Firearms Instructor

Former U.S. Marine, Federal Air Marshal, Police Officer and Federal firearms instructor.
     • Grandmaster (multiple divisions) by the United States Practical Shooting Association
     • Master by the International Defensive Pistol Association
     • 2018 IDPA National Champion & 2019 IDPA World Champion

We are offering an exclusive deal to our audience only.

For only $10 your can receive 36 Dry Fire & 55 Live Drills To Improve Any Level Shooter’s Skills. This is a steal.



4 Technique & Gear PDFs
12 Foundational Handgun & Rifle Technique Videos
5 Mental Preparation Videos
3 Firearms Focused Fitness Sessions
2.5 Hour Introduction to Competitive Shooting Course
3 Firearms Focused Fitness Sessions
7 Personal Defense Videos

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