Best Cheap Pistols Under $350

1. Canik TP9-SA 9mm: $330-$350 From a Dealer

Weight: 28.8 oz., Barrel: 4.47″, Mag: 18/9mm

What started out years ago as a Walther P99 knockoff, evolved into an awesome weapon Canik made their own. The single-action 4.5lb trigger is sweet. You can swap out backstraps for hand fitment. The Canik TP9 is good enough for IPDA.

 2. Taurus TH9 9mm: $290-$310

Weight: 28.2 oz., Barrel: 4.27″, Mag: 17/9mm

The Taurus TH9 is pretty much a makeover of the PT809. This is good, as the PT809 was one of the best Taurus handguns ever made. DA/SA hammer action, Interchangeable backstraps, and Novak sights. The 40 S&W; is in the works.

 3. Ruger Security-9 9mm: $310-$330

Weight: 23.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00″, Mag: 15/9mm

I love this gun. The Ruger Security-9 is the size of the Glock 19, but thinner. It has an internal hammer, but the trigger is good as most striker-fired handguns. The grip fits medium to small hands just fine. It is ultra-reliable and so fun to shoot. Way to go Ruger!

4. Walther Creed 9mm: $320-$340

Weight: 26.6 oz., Barrel: 4.00″, Mag: 16/9mm

Can you believe a German-made Walther at this price? The Creed is the Gen2 version of the PPX. Walther made the Creed trigger much better. However there some trigger takeups. The Creed is kinda chunky, but you get used to it. Great shooter!

 5. FMK 9C1 G2 9mm: $330-$350

Weight: 23.5 oz., Barrel: 4.00″, Mag: 14/9mm

California built a budget handgun made to compete with the FMK 9C1 Glock 19. It will even fit some Glock holsters. Get the FAT (Fast Action Trigger) version, as it is very good. It is a great shooter. Why did FMK not make the magazine 15 rounds?

6. Smith & Wesson SD 9mm, 40 S&W: $290-$310

Weight: 22.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00″, Mag: 16/9mm, 14/40 S&W;

High-quality budget gun! Very safe too. It has a long 8lb trigger pull that reminds me of a Colt DA revolver. Some ladies may have problems with the Smith & Wesson SD 9mm. Buy inexpensive trigger & spring to get the pull-down to 6lbs. The SD feels so good in the hand.

 7. Sarsilmaz B6 9mm: $290-$310

Weight: 28.2 oz., Barrel: 4.50″, Mag: 17/9mm

What would a CZ 75b be like with a polymer frame and grip? It could be like the SAR USA B6. I tried a friend’s B6 at the range, and what a darn good shooter. Feels good in the hand too. Long term quality? Made in Turkey, so it should be OK.

 8. Kahr CT40 40 S&W: $320-$340 from a dealer

Weight: 21.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00″, Mag: 7/40 S&W;

The Kahr CT budget series is also available in 9mm and 45 ACP. This is the thinnest 4″ barrel pistol on the market. It looks good in an open carry holster but will work for CCW. If you could only have one handgun, this is it. Durable as heck!

9. Remington RP45 45 ACP: $310-$330

Weight: 26.6 oz., Barrel: 4.50″, Mag: 15/45 ACP

I have always been a fan of Remington rifles and shotguns. After reading reviews that the Remington RP 9mm had problems, I purchased the 45 ACP version. It holds 15 freakin rounds! Zero ammo feeding problems. Good Alaska handgun! Remington RP45 is a good buy.

 10. Diamondback DB9FS 9mm: $270-$290

Weight: 24.2 oz., Barrel: 4.75″, Mag: 15/9mm

This is a darn good shooter for the money. I got mine to run great with Sellier & Bellot 124gr ammo. As big as it is, the magazine should hold more. Why make the DB9FS look like a race gun, but have the capacity of a compact? Awesome budget bargain!

11. Taurus PT111 G2 9mm 40 S&W: $240-$260

Weight: 22 oz., Barrel: 3.2″, Mag: 12/9mm, 10/40 S&W;

The PT111 Millennium has evolved into one of the best pistols on the market. It is small enough to work for concealed carry but has the firepower for home defense. Great weapon for your woman. Cheap Price! Buy an extra one for the truck.

 12. EAA Witness Pavona 9mm: $330-$350

Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 3.60″, Mag: 13/9mm

Owning several Witness pistols, the quality is top rate. You can see by the weight, the Pavona has a lot of steel in it. The extra heft really tames recoil. With the light recoil and pretty colors, chicks dig it. Small enough to tuck into an IWB holster.

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