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Welcome to San Antonio Gunsmithing, we are here to provide you quality firearm repair and refinishing. We have many services available to you for all your gunsmithing needs. We also provide the latest hydrografix technology in gun and hunting equipment camouflaging. If you have any questions we have provided a FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions and for any questions not answered there you can call or email us. Thank you for visiting our web site and we are looking forward to serving you.

Factory-trained San Antonio Colorado gunsmiths

Factory-trained gunsmith since 1975. Life Member of the NRA since 1969. A Certified Armorer with Beretta, Remington, Glock and various other manufacturers. Husband and wife Police Armorers.

We do not send our work out, and everything is done in house.
We are a complete machine shop with full size Lathes and Milling machines, including rebluing facilities on the premises.
We are one of the most complete gunsmithing facilities in

George started his career early in gunsmithing / gun making.
Growing up in his father’s shop, he learned, and was taught many of the old world gun making techniques that have been lost today.

Our work has been carried and used by many specialized L.E. Military units world wide. You can trust your life to our work.

Please feel free to tour the entire web site and remember that we are a fully equipped company and we can meet any need you have under the gunsmithing sun. Don’t forget to bookmark the site as it features a monthly newsletter in which I will be giving out tips, ideas and talking about what is happening in the world of guns. I also will be offering online specials for all the computer folks out there, so make sure to stop by regularly!
Thanks again for visiting San Antonio Gunsmithing’s web site

San Antonio Gun shop Basic Service

Repairs/Estimates $45.00
Clean and Oil Gun $35.00
Porting 12ga. $65.00
(per barrel)
Lengthen Forcing Cone $50.00
(per barrel) 12ga.
Sight in Rifle $35.00 (plus ammo)
Bore Sight Rifle $25.00
Pattern Shotgun $45.00 (plus ammo)
Drill and Tap Receiver $25.00
For Sights (per sight)
Install Front or Mid $25.00
Rib Shotgun Sight

San Antonio Mount Scopes

Already Drilled/Tapped $35.00
Not Drilled/Tapped $50.00
Cut and Crown Shotgun $50.00 Barrel


Trigger Installations $45.00
Trigger Adjustments $35.00
Polish Shotgun Chamber $45.00 and Bore
Install Screw In Chokes $110.00 (per barrel)
(includes one standard choke)
Glass Bed and Free Float $75.00
(Rifle Barrel)
Install Recoil Pad $45.00
(pad not included)
Shorten Length of Pull $45.00
(not including pad)
Conversion of Browning A-5 $150.00
16ga. from 2 9/16 to 2 3/4
(plus parts)
Install Sling Swivels $45.00
(not including parts)
Hot Blue Matte Finish $130.00
Hot Blue Hunter Finish $150.00
(rifle or shotgun)
Hot Blue Hunter Finish $175.00
(pistol or revolver)
Hot Blue Deluxe Finish $175.00
(rifle or shotgun)
Hot Blue Deluxe Finish $190.00
(pistol or revolver)
Belgium Blue/Shotgun
Double’s $190.00
Ribbed $175.00
Polished Nickle Plating $190.00
(handgun/average size)
*larger handguns prices differ
Matte Nickle Plating $125.00
Gold Inlay $45.00

Refinish Stocks in San Antonio

Hunter/Satin Finish $85.00
Gloss Finish $100.00
Bolt Jeweling $50.00
Polish Shotgun Chamber $50.00
And Bore
Cut/Crown rifle Barrel $50.00
(hunting or target style)
Chamber/Fit Pre Contoured $175.00
Blank Barrel
Rebarrel Pre Threaded/Chambered $125.00
Lap Bolt Lugs $55.00
Install Muzzle Brake $75.00
Dovetail Cuts $45.00
*prices do not include parts
Standard Clibers (no wildcats)
Standard Manufacture Remington, Winchester, Ruger
Call for special needs

What is the process used for camo of guns?

The gun is taken disassembled and cleaned, then painted with auto grade paint with a color to match the pattern selected. The pattern is cut to size of part and placed in a large stainless steel tank along with part. Then a chemical in water separates pattern from flim and adheres pattern to gun part.

Can I send my San Antonio gun to you for repair or Camo work?

San Antonio Gunsmithing is a licensed gun dealer (FFL). So, most non pistols can legally be sent to us by a gun owner via UPS, Fed-X etc. from within the US. We will return the gun via UPS or Fed-X when the work is completed. Please contact us for options for shipping pistols.


How many patterns are available?

Eleven. Most all of your popular patterns, see patterns throughout web site.

How durable is Camo finish?

The finish holds up to any normal hunting conditions.

Care for Camo finish?

Just wipe outside of gun with clean water and continue using your normal cleaning solvents and oils on interior of gun. Use no paint thinners or strippers.

What is turn around time on Camo finish?

According to your location and time of year, it usually takes two weeks or less for complete turn around.

What type bluing process do you use?

We use a Hot Bluing system, for a durable and long lasting finish.

What Bluing and Nickel Plating finishes are available?

Gloss,Semi-Gloss Hunter,and Matte

Care for Blued finishes?

Keep newly blued finishes wiped down with a thin coat of a good quality oil, not WD40.

How do I know if I can have screw in chokes installation?

You must send barrel to us for measurements of barrel to see if it is of proper diameter and thickness for installation.

More Service Areas

Ortiz, Paisaje, Antonito, Mogote, Conejos, Guadalupe, Las Mesitas, Lobatos, Canon, Espinosa